Monday, 5 October 2015



Anyone who knows me will know that I get the most pleasure out of the simple things in life - a cup of tea, a good book, and five minutes to myself to paint my nails. By the way, the used book addiction has got seriously out of hand...I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more, and then I bought nine's a good job I don't have much of a life and therrefore have plenty of time to read them. I have already started 'The Farm' by Tom Rob Smith, and it is quite the page turner. I almost sacraficed my Sunday nap for it...I didn't obviously.

So, when it comes to painting my nails, I have been favoring metallic shades recently and Poundland, have a surprisingly large collection of nail varnishes, and some gorgeous colours. This rose gold shade caught my eye and it is a great little polish for the price. Two coats is all that is needed, and it dries super quick, as well as being pretty resisstant to chipping, which is useful for a clutz like me.

Another line of nail polishes I have been impressed with, is from Kiki Cosmetics,They have a great range for just £2.50, including this delightful mermaid shade, that survived an afternoon of decorating. I will definitely be adding more to my collection, or recieving them gratefully as Christmas gifts...hint, hint!

What budget beauty buys would you reccommend? Gems x

Sunday, 13 September 2015


You will have to excuse the terrible quality of these pictures, I just once again found my camera and I'm not used to the lighting in my new place. That really isn't my own angellic glow floating around me, I just think the light was too bright behind the camera.

I still am an angel though, I gave an old woman five pence to pay for her purchase in Wilko last week, totally because I am a good person, not because I was getting impatient with the amount of time she spent slowly going through her coin purse, irritating the crap out of me and everyone else in line.

Jeans and T-Shirt - Primark
Necklace and Belt - H&M
Boots - Don't Remember

Since I've moved, money has been a little bit more on the tight side - nothing to keep the cobwebs in my pocket company - but, since I lost a lot of weight on the heartbreak diet in the new year, I am in desperate need of new clothes. So these acid wash grey jeans were a bargain at £7 from Primark, as well as the £1.80 t-shirt. I've never been prouder to look so cheap.

I keep saying I'm going to inject some colour into my wardrobe and end up with grey - it's a good match for my glittering personality. Any recommenadations for boosting my wardrobe for little cost?

Gems x

Friday, 4 September 2015


I've finally moved into my new home and manaed to find my camera, so I can say with certaintly that I shall be back blogging on a regular basis. Sorry to all of those who I bore with my generally nerdiness and weirdness, but I need something to do in breaks between Netflix watching and sitting.

I come back to you initially to talk about a good cause and charity from a girl that means the world to me, and is a real inspiration. She has set up a charity to fund a non-profit gym for women that have been the victims of abuse, finding incredible strength after her own harrowing experience, which thanfully ended with her attacker in prison. But so many women are not so lucky, and te lovely, selfless Sara wants to give women a safe place, a sancturary.

The lovely Sara Kate

 She has a Go Fund Me pagewhere you can help her raise those important funds. She isn't asking for huge donations, every pound will go towards helping those that need it. And once she reaches 150 donations, she will pick random people to recieve prizes. I've donated and hope to raise some more money for her by selling on eBay and donating half the profits.

So if you can donate, it would really mean a lot, and if you cant please share the page wherever you can.

Gems x

Monday, 22 June 2015


An upcoming move means that money has been tight, leaving poor Gemma to screen shop on all my favorite internet stores, without ever pressing the 'add to basket' button. Although there was one time, when I simply could not resist - it was a beautiful cobalt blue lace dress from my all-time favourite, Boohoo. They had 20% off all dresses at the time, so it would have been rude not too.

That's one of the reasons why I love Boohoo so much - they always have great discounts and deals on shipping. At the time of publishing they have 20% New In, 25% off Shoes and Accessories, and £1.99 Next Day Delivery, where you have up until 9pm to order. You can keep an eye on the latest discounts on this page.

 I have been lusting after so much at Boohoo, and with my birthday approaching in a few weeks, that shopping basket is going to be full.

1. Mia Stretch Print Plaited Jumpsuit
2. Kat Button Front 3/4 Sleeve Scarf Print Jumpsuit
3. Clarissa Zip Front Chambray Jumpsuit
4. Gail Grid Check Bandeau Jumpsuit
5.) Amiee Embroidered Panel Jumpsuit
I'm a jumpsuit obsessive, so it is always the first category I click on. I have a few Boohoo jumpsuits and I'm eager to add to my collection, both casual and more dressed up. How amazing is that chambray number...I've already cleared the mental space for it in my wardrobe.

1. Guns 'n' Roses Sleeveless Tank
2. Mya Mid Rise Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans
3. Boutique Daisy Waterfall Leather Look Jacket
4. Isabel Acid Wash Pocket Patch Denim Shorts
5. Gemma Toe Cap Trim Ponted Skater Flat.
6. Nicole Short Sleeve Crop Top
7. Helina Grey Marl Melange Joggers
If it is't jumpsuits thay get my sartorial juices flowing, it is streetwear. I may be approaching 32, but more often than not, I can be seen dressed like a teenage skater, and long may it continue. Boohoo have a great selection of denim, graphic tees and faux leather jacket, that no streetwear fan can be without. Those shoes are destined to be mine, don't you think? They are named after me after all.

What have you been lusting after on Boohoo's virtual racks?

Gems x

Monday, 18 May 2015


I must admit, I probably do take more selfies than necessary. But, like most women I have some periodic self esteem issues, so when I'm having a good face day, I feel the need to share it with the world, for their approval. Every 'like' is a little boost - especialy when most days I look like I have been dredged from a swamp most mornings, and not a nice swamp.

When it comes to working face days, the berry lip and/or liquid liner have been my beauty saviours - making me less crypt keeper more cute.

Berry lip courtesey of H&M, goofy teeth are models own!
Liquid Liner from W7
What hae been your beauty saviours this month?

Gems x

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Friday, 8 May 2015


It's time for the next installement of my 'Creatives' interview series, where I feature the independent brands and artists that deserve some extra recognition. This time round, it is quirky, handmade accessories label, Iced Rainbow, founded by the lovely Tom, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

Where did it all begin for Iced Rainbow?
It all stems from being a keen creative when I was growing up - always drawing and I loved art, cooking, music and woodwork at school.

What is the story behind your unusual brand name?
Well... we all like a bit of sparkle and colour right? So.... my name comes from the meaning 'anything iced in all colours of the rainbow'. I work with sparkle and colourful pieces every day. It also means I'm a colourful person, bright and bubbly, and I try to show that in all my designs.

What challenges do you face being a small brand?
Honestly.... like every business it doesn't come without its challenges, so I'd have to say its exposure and just making your brand/designs stand out.

Where do you find your inspiration?
My inspirations come from many things: nature, experiences, holidays and that my mind sees things in a different way to others, like all creatives really.

I love your Majestic Hare pieces, do you have a personal favourite?
Thank you those are actually a story in themselves, as for having any favourites well I couldn't possibly pick one but.... if I had to choose it has to be my new colour pop, monochrome and floral rings because they add a bit of quirky fun and style to any outfit.

You have an amazing range of jewellery, plenty of which is unisex. Do you have a particular person in mind when you design?
I wanted to appeal to men and women of all ages, so I based most of my designs on both. As for having anyone in mind when I make anything - except for what I think people would love - I just let the creativity flow, take note of what others want, or suggest, as well as taking note of current trends.

Your designs have been worn by the likes of Beverly Knight an Nicole Scherzinger. Who else would you love to rock some Iced Rainbow beauts?
I can't say that I've thought about it much but if I had to pick it'd have to be Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Kodaline, and Mumford and Sons maybe, just to name a few.

What is next for Iced Rainbow?
Just to expand my product range more, as most of my designs are limited edition.

So, next time you're thinking about picking up some quirky accessories, why not check out Iced Rainbow. Here are some of my personal favourites...

1.) Wings of an Angel Charm Necklace.
2.) Magestic Hare Charm Necklace.
3.) Fields of Gold Barley Charm Necklace.
4.) Men's Osiris Double Leater Bracelet.
Dont forget to follow Iced Rainbow on Facebook and Twitter, to get all the up-to-date news and releases.

What are your faves from Iced Rainbow?

 Stay tuned for the next installment in 'Creatives' coming soon...

Gems x

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Bardot Dress, Belt and Earrings, New Look.
Heels, Primark.
It's not often you see scruffy old me all dressed up, so you really should make the most of this one - Gemma looking all sophisticated, is rarer than Kanye "I'm a lyrical genius" West being humble. But since I was going to a wedding, I didn't think casual jumpsuits, or teenage streetwear, would cut the mustard. So I went for a pretty dress, heels and I'm even wearing my actual ears, can you believe it?

I caught a guy at least twice my age, starring at the butt in a mirror as I walked, so I'm gonna count that as a win.

How are my little lovelies doing? I hope you have been enjoying the sun, at the expense of your career like me!

Gems x

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