Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Bardot Dress, Belt and Earrings, New Look.
Heels, Primark.
It's not often you see scruffy old me all dressed up, so you really should make the most of this one - Gemma looking all sophisticated, is rarer than Kanye "I'm a lyrical genius" West being humble. But since I was going to a wedding, I didn't think casual jumpsuits, or teenage streetwear, would cut the mustard. So I went for a pretty dress, heels and I'm even wearing my actual ears, can you believe it?

I caught a guy at least twice my age, starring at the butt in a mirror as I walked, so I'm gonna count that as a win.

How are my little lovelies doing? I hope you have been enjoying the sun, at the expense of your career like me!

Gems x

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Wearing the 'FlutterBy' Tee.
So starts my series of interview features of independent creatives - the brands, musicians and artists that don't get the support they so deserve, because they don't have a bottomless marketing budget.

I've made no secret of my love of streetwear (I will be dressing like a teenage skater until I'm 60), so when the lovely Karl, founder of one of my favourite independent brands PercyCute agreed to a feature, I was pretty delighted.

The streetwear brand creates unisex tees, tanks, sweats and jackets, with totally unique prints, sketched and designed by the man himself. Sometimes controversial, but always a conversation starter, it's streetwear for those who aren't afraid to make a statement and stand out. Let's get on to the questions...

How did it all begin for Percycute?

I have been a taxi driver for the past 20 years and in this time I have always drawn even while waiting between jobs in my taxi. My sketches became more intricate, so much so that people would get in my cab to see what I had been drawing. Many times people asked why I was driving a cab when I can draw like I do . So about 7 years ago  I decided to go back to college to study graphic design. I graduated 3 years later and then decided to try freelancing my skills as an illustrator, within this time I was getting more requests to provide t-shirt designs for other companies. After a year of this I decided maybe I should produce my own garments with designs on that did not conform to other peoples briefs, basically use my own imagination to produce what I wanted to produce, without limitation. The name Percy Cute comes form the word persecute which means to oppress as I felt I oppressed in my skills for such along time that the name suited the company I was starting. 

You're designs are seriously original, where do you find your inspiration?

The inspiration for the designs come from everyday experiences and my imagination - most of the designs have hidden meanings especially the intricate ones . Although I do find people see completely different meanings in them, as I tend to use objects to portray a feeling or word which are associated to the title of the design.

My favourite design is 'Spaceman'. Do you have an all time favourite?

My favourite design is my gorilla really its a self portrait , if you look at him he’s slightly moody with a could not care less attitude.

Karl's favouurite design, the 'Gorilla'
Streetwear is so huge right now, how will you make sure that Percycute stands out from the crowd?

I'm never concerned about what other companies do, but I do appreciate others work and my favourite brand are Hubert & Calvin . I don’t look to stand out, I look to produce the artwork that I love and put that on a garment and hope that makes me more appealing than others. The designs are all limited editions, I only make 30 of each design before I re-draw, change or retire the design.

Your brand is brimming with attitude, who would you love to see rocking your pieces?

I have had a few celebrities wear my designs but I suppose I would like to see Zayn Malik wearing them, and I know this sounds bizarre, but watching his desire for his artwork really hits home with me and of course he has a massive following. Sportsman wise, obviously Mr Beckham would be amazing and I would love Pharrell Williams to shine in a few.

What's next for Percycute?

Next on the agenda are caps - a few alternative cap designs along with the expansion of full all over prints. As for the company, the aim is to get the brand in as many independent shops as possible and make the general public aware of what we do .

I certainly can't wait for the introduction of caps, I'm a huge fan of a good snap back. Until then, I've picked out some of my favourite PercyCute pieces...

1.) My Headspace Vest.
2.) Grey Skull Jacket.3.) Bleeding Rose.
4.) Love All.
5) Spaceman.
6.) Effing Care Bear Vest.
7.) Gorilla Sweatshirt.
8.) Flutterby 1969.
Be sure to visit the PercyCute website and check out this awesome streetwear label's social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Stay tuned for the next installement of the next installment of the 'Creatives' series.

Gems x

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I know I've been a terrible blogger of late, especially to all of my lovely girls, you know who you are. I guess I have just been focusing on other aspects of my life - work, new friendships and thinking about all the things I need before moving into the new place. On what planet is an iron a fun purchase? And thinking about decorating just sends me into panic mode, everytime I'm in the wallpaper section of B&Q I want to crawl into the foetal position, until someone picks for me.

I'm still in need of a new photographer so there are no new outfit posts for me to share with you right now, so i't time for another batch of pictures that were rejected because I hated my face. But, to treat you to something new, here is a picture of me, dressed as Jareth, The Goblin King from Labyrinth...just something I wear om your average Tuesday...

Seriously, I would wear this everyday - why did the pirate shirt ever go out of fashion? Anyway, back to the non-ridiculous (well mostly)...

Feeling a little like a French Prostitute in: Dress, H&M
Being annoyed by the wing in : Jacket, USC
Preppy Tee, Primark
Leatherette Trousers, H&M
Showing some cat lady chic in: Coat, Next
Tie Dye Dress, Primark
Leatherette Trousers, H&M
Satchel, Next.
Playing in the old back yard in: Dress, H&M
Leatherette Jacket, Matalan.
Jumper, Dorothy Perkins
Belt, New Look
Sucking in, wearing the world's tightest pants from H&M
Sporty Tee and Bag, Primark.
Leatherette Jacket, Matalan.
Any suggestions on where I could find a new photographer, and how many outfit posts do you dismiss?

Gems x

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Monday, 9 March 2015


This outfit is a fairly old one, before I had the haircut, but I'm still in need of a new photographer. Applicants will be greatly recieved, preferably non creepy or at least only marginally creepy, no photoshopping my head onto naked bodies, unless the body is better than mine of course.

By the way, if you get a chance to try some Persian food, you need too. People may tell you that garlic has become your main scent, but it is totally worth that, and the meat sweats that come with it.

Any other world foods I should be trying.

Gems x
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Monday, 2 March 2015


I was going to start up writing about my fortnightly favourites a few months ago, but then I was catching the train to dumpsville and decided to wallow - you know, walking from empty room to empty room sighing, crying at the most stupid things. I'm not saying I'm tap dancing from room to room, using party poppers to end every sentence joyfully, but I am feeling better as each week goes by and hopefully that will continue.

My family have been amazing, and I had a boost in confidence from my CBT therapist, who tells me I'm doing all the right things and encourages me to focus on my life, and do the things that I want to do. Instead of working towards what's best for the 'we', do what is best for the 'me'. It's such a big life change and the permanent end of one life, but that must mean that it is the start of a new one...right?

FAVOURITE DAY - 19th February
It could be my favourite day there has ever been, never mind in the last fortnight, it was the day my niece, Imogen Grace Meek, was born, to my sister Rachael and her husband Chris. I haven't been able to see her as much as I would like because I have been under the weather and I want to protect her, but hse is absolutely perfect, and the little noises she makes are so adorable. I bought her this baby grow from Not On The Highstreet - isn't she lovely?

I've always wanted to work with animals, and if I had my time again at university, I would probably do Vetinary Studies. Instead I went down the academic route and although I love science, it wasn't going to be a career that worked out for me. I love what I do now as a freelance copywriter, but it is very isolating working on your own. So, with the big change, I decided it was time to at least give the dream a try. So I have enrolled in an online dog grooming course to learn all the theory, and hope to do some practical training in a dog grooming salon after it. Wish me luck!

With some extra free time on my hands, and a growing insomnia problem, I am certainly getting my money's worth out of Netflix. And although I have been watching a lot of Breaking Bad, it is Sky Atlantic's Fortitude that I look forward to most in the week. I love the isolated artic setting, and the air of mystery within the small town, plus with a cast including Stanley Tucci, Sophie Grabol and the legendary Michael Gambon, it is one not to miss.

I was seriously in need of a confidence boost, so when my lovely mam said she would take me to get my hair done I was delighted. I had my hair cut into a choppy bob, which has plenty of shape, in contrast to the quite flat and shapeless hair that I had before. I love the change and hope it will give me a boost, to get back out and about in the world.

(Apart from all the pictures if my neice) I love this picture of myself with my Auntie's dog, Molly. She came to spend the day with me last week to keep me company, and although I couldn't get any work done, or have a moments peace, it was lovely to have her here. it has definitely reinforced my decision that I want a dog of my own.

FAVOURITE BOOK - Dark Matter by Michelle Paver
Definitely not a book to read at bedtime, like I did, Dark Places is a ghost story set in the utter isolation of and artic winter. Poor Londoner, Jack soon finds himself the last hope of his team's expidition to Gruhunken, as one-by-one his team mates are forced to leave. But Jack is not really alone, something waits for him in the perpetual darkness...

What have you guys been loving this fortnight? Let me know in the comments.

Gems x

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Friday, 13 February 2015


I have to be honest, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to be able to come back to blogging. When you life changes so drastically in a way you both didn't expect, or didn't want, it can be hard to be reminded of what you have lost, and of all the challenges you now face. For 4 weeks, Fashion, Well Done was something that served to remind me of a life I no longer had.

But, I have to remember why I started it in the first place. It was always supposed to be a way for me to boost my confidence after decades of anxiety. And as a way to interact with other people. Already feeling isolated, it didn't seem to make sense anymore to isolate myself further by leaving the blog behind.

I can't be sure if it will last, I may still find it painful to continue. But for now I'm back, hoping that it will have a positive impact and make my world seem a little fuller. Still I laugh a little more every day, and I have a family that are there with me when I don't. But, I don't think I will ever not miss what is gone - sometimes you just have to play with the hand that life has dealt you.

I don't know how many outfit posts I will be able to publish over the next few months as I no longer have a photographer, but I will try and keep involved and commenting. I miss all my blogger chums, you have all been so supportive in the past so I have no reason to believe you wont be now.

Gems x

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Well, the sun doesnt actually shine that often here in the North of England, but when it does shine, you have to make the most of it, because some gale force wind and chilly rain is sure to be following close behind. So on a sunny day just before Christmas, I decided to brave wearing a dress and get some air and a few pictures - I'm really running low of outfit pictures, there is only so many times you can take style shots of a parka zipped up to the neck, stupid winter.

Faux Fur Jacket, Next - Similar Here.
Shirt, ASOS - Similar Here.
Dress, Bank - Similar Here.

How do so many bloggers go out in freezing temperatures with bare legs and no jacket, and take loads of stunningg style shots, looking serene and beautiful. If it was me I would look like I was being tortured by a sadistic photographer, hugging myself against the cold and sobbing. Maybe I am too much of a wimp for the fashion blogger game.

Does any blogger have any tips for taking good fashion shots inside, when the weather is raging outside? It has been so windy in Newcastle the last few weeks, within a split second being out of the door and I have been blown into the nearest tree, like a scrappy plastic bag, or look a hot mess.

Did anyone get snow this week? I was so disappointed not to have anyone, I must be the only person in the country who likes it.

Gems x

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